David Winsor-July Snapd - cropped

ACWB is Center Stage with David Winsor


It’s a common compliment to say that an artist has a gift or an artistic ability, but for David Winsor it is neither just a gift nor ability, but rather the desire to learn, discover, and grow. As a local visual artist, learning for David involves constantly creating new art, testing new techniques and discovering how mediums work and why. In David’s words, “learning a new skill like painting has an effect similar to learning a new language in keeping the mind young.”

Originally from the east coast of Canada, David did not grow up with an interest in visual arts. He only discovered his passion for painting recently, while searching for a present for his youngest daughter who had a desire to paint, and he became hooked after also giving it a try. Being relatively new to the arts community, David found guidance, support, and encouragement through the Meicholas Art Foundation, who he believes does a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes for the arts community. Now David has an undeniable drive to constantly learn about his new found passion by painting every day, looking for local resources, and sharing his knowledge with others.

In addition to feeding his drive to learn, he has also come to realize that painting for him is an integral part of achieving and maintaining his mental health. Prior to finding painting David says his drinking, weight, blood pressure, and stress levels were all out of control. David made drastic changes to get his health back on track including practicing yoga. David has found that “painting, or art in any form, has a positive effect on relieving anxiety and depression. There is benefit from putting a brush to paper even if there is no intention to produce a finished painting.”

David has experimented with many different visual art mediums and found watercolour to be his current calling. After hundreds, if not thousands of hours learning about watercolour, and with guidance from the Meicholas Art Foundation, David is applying his watercolour skills into facilitating an introductory watercolour course at the Art Foundry at River Station. The course, consisting of four two hour sessions, will give participants a foundation on how to control the medium, a firsthand look at achieved results from practice, and the experience of using professional grade materials.

Interested in participating in David’s Introduction to Watercolour course? Visit the Art Foundry at River Station’s Facebook page @artfoundrywoodbuffalo. Want to learn more about what’s available for art classes, workshops and events in the Wood Buffalo region? Visit Arts Council Wood Buffalo’s online calendar or follow us on social media! www.artscouncilwb.ca/calendar/