Art in Motion: Call to Artists

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Art in Motion: Call to Artists

Winter Exhibition:
Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories – This theme asks the artist to reflect on their childhood, or on “Childhood” as a springboard for thematic expression. Reflecting on childhood memories, and life events is a wonderful way for residents of our diverse community to connect with each other.

This theme is whimsical and playful, which is exactly what is required to brighten our winter. Inspiration can be drawn from toys, mementos, and scrapbooks. We all have something to share from our childhood. The exhibit space allows for both 2D and 3D art, for more information on the exhibit space parameters please review the criteria listed on this page.

Deadline for submissions is Dec. 3, 2015.

Art in Motion is an exhibit within an innovative space. We want to allow for the creativity and exploratory nature of the McMurray Experience to be showcased in the art work that is on display.

The exhibit has space for 12 pieces.

Childhood Memories – What does it mean to you?

Submit Your Art in Motion Entry Online.

Artist Opportunity

A new group exhibit space has been created within McMurray Experience called: “Art in Motion.” This will be a unique opportunity for artists to display and showcase their work. This gallery space is kinetic: it is a dynamic and moving space that is automated and will rotate the artworks around in a Ferris wheel style apparatus. Artists will have their work exhibited within the rotating display case, and their information (didactic panel) shown on an electronic screen as their work rotates through the feature spot.

The community will have an opportunity to:

  • Exhibit their artwork in a dedicated space for a three- month period
  • Establish a profile within the community
  • Gain valuable exposure to tourist, visitors and local residences

This opportunity is open but not limited to both emerging and established artist, community groups and schools. Works of art are required to meet the criteria listed below.

Enhancement to the Community

This new exhibit space will create an added element within the McMurray Experience for citizens and visitors alike to interact socially around a work that will inspire conversation. It allows for the community to share work (the Artist) and be inspired (the viewer), by our thriving Arts and Culture community.


Exhibits will rotate seasonally (four times per year) and each season will be announced annually at the beginning of the year.

Selected participants/groups will produce work or submit work that expresses their interpretation of the theme. This provides applicants the ability to create a new piece and apply at any time for their chosen theme.

Criteria to Submit

Each submission (2D and 3D) must follow these guidelines:

  • Applicant must be a resident of Wood Buffalo
  • Be the original work of the Applicant, and/or have all rights to the work
  • Complete the Artist application form (online)
  • Weigh a maximum of 32 kilograms (70 pounds)
  • Dimensions maximum: 3D 16” x 16” x 16”; 2D 16” x 16”
  • Does not include any substances listed on the art exclusions list (listed below)
  • Each work must be labeled on the back with title, medium, and artist’s name.

Art Exclusions List

We cannot accept works that require or contain:

  • Liquids (example: water)
  • Living items (example: plants)
  • Electricity or batteries
  • Combustible material