The drowsy Chaperone

Auditions Male Ensemble – Drowsy Chaperone

Drowsy Chaperone Audition Notice:

We are looking to fill a few MALE ENSEMBLE roles in Keyano Theatre Company’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone.  Auditions will be video recorded and sent to the Director and Music Director for them to consider.



TIME: 11:00AM – 1:00PM

LOCATION: Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre, AC138

Please follow this link to sign up



Please be prepared to give a reading from the script. You will be sent a copy of the scene you will be required to present. A scene partner will be provided for your audition.

Please be prepared to sing a few bars from “Toledo Surprise.” You will be sent a copy of the song.  An accompanist will be provided for the audition.

Please be prepared to take part in a group dance call. An instructor will take the time to teach you a few steps of choreography which we will subsequently record for the Director to view.

Please provide a resume or list of experience and training.



February 15TH, 16TH, 17TH, 22ND, 23rd, 24th, 2018


Music Rehearsal December 12th – 20th, 2017

Rehearsals begin January 3rd, 2018


Male Ensemble

Actor / Singer / Dancers with a willingness to learn.

Date: 11/12/2017 (Sun.)

Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm MDT

Location: Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre AC 138

Keyano Theatre KTC Logo

Back of House Volunteers Needed

Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre’s first Back Of House volunteer requests of the year!

Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre are looking for help back stage for from November 18th through to December 2nd.

They are looking for 2 fly operators and 1 dresser/runner.

Your schedule will be as follows and you MUST be available for all dates.

November 18th 9AM – 6PM

November 19th 12PM – 9PM

November 21st 6PM – 11PM

November 22nd 6PM – 11PM

November 23rd 6PM – 11PM

November 24th 6PM – 11PM

November 25th 6PM – 11PM

November 29th 6PM – 11PM

November 30th 6PM – 11PM

December 1st 6PM – 11PM

December 2nd 12PM – 11PM


Interested individuals can contact:

Nikki MacDonnell
Front of House / Volunteer Manager
Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre

8115 Franklin Ave
Fort McMurray, AB
T9H 2H7
Telephone: 780-792-5621

audition call

2018 Dinner Theatre Auditions


Waypoints and Theatre; Just Because are proud to announce auditions for our 2018 dinner theatre production A Knight To Remember, directed by Diana Moser!

When? Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 1:00 – 8:00 pm
Where? Golden Years Society – 10111 Main Street
What? Please sign up for one ten minute time slot on the SignUp Genius ( We will be casting actors 15 years and older. Auditioners should prepare a 1 minute monologue and be prepared to have fun!

If you have any questions about the audition process, the play, etc., please email Find more details about the play at

Performances are February 1-3, 2018 at the Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts.


The Great Art Debate – Electoral Candidates’ Views on the Arts in RMWB

Below are social media conversations Mayoral and Councillor Candidates have contributed to in regards to their vision and viewpoints on the arts in our region.


If you are a Mayoral or Councillor Candidate that has posted publicly your viewpoints on the arts sector in our region, please contact to have it included in this posting.

ACWB’s Executive Director, Liana Wheeldon, is happy to meet with any Mayoral or Councillor Candidate who would like to know more about the arts sector in the RMWB, current arts landscape, needs, and challenges. Please contact

October 6, 2017

Post (Allan Grandison for Mayor): The Arts and Culture Community is an important part of our region. I plan to work with council to develop and approve an arts and culture master plan. If you have questions please reach out to me. (Video Included in post)

Video Highlights:

  • Met with Liana Wheeldon, Executive Director of Arts Council Wood Buffalo, to discuss culture in the region, artists in region, arts in the region and challenges we face.
  • Hopes to work with council on developing and approving an arts and culture master plan that will ensure we have a vibrant arts and culture in our community.
  • Make sure we have visual representation in the arts and celebrate culture of this region.
  • This is one of the reason why people live here. This is one of the reasons why people will move here.


October 3, 2017

Post (Russel Thomas):

Quality of Life - RMWB(01)  Quality of Life - RMWB(02)

I was looking through this economic development regional data document and thought I’d share these two “Quality of Life” pages. What jumps out to you?

My first impression, looking strictly at the first page, is that we are a community that is 100% about sports. We have hundreds and hundreds of kids (and adults) who experience quality of life thanks to arts and performance opportunities.

I am dismayed that this aspect of our community is too often under celebrated.

It was the existence of Keyano Theatre that sealed the deal for me when I was offered a position here 21 years ago. At least it got a small mention on page two.

Questions Raised (By Dave Boutillier, ACWB Chair): 

A wonderful, well thought out post, by local artist Russell Thomas.

A few questions to you facebookers…

With the regions apparent focus on sporting venues as a major contributor to quality of life here in the RMWB, where does an emerging artist fit in?

If someones interests lie outside of sports, what options do they have?

Is there a way to balance interest in both arts and sports, and provide opportunity for both? If so, how?


Verna Murphy (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1):Thanks for the great question Dave, and it’s funny because this morning I had sat down to do a post about the local arts community, and then had such a busy day that I didn’t get a chance. You must have been getting my vibes, lol. So as I prepare for the election I have been studying, and one document that I came across in regards to community and arts is something called Vital Signs: Arts and Belonging. And it really has some great research and hard numbers to back the reasoning that we should be supporting more arts in the community. I had asked about a year ago about the budget allocation for the arts programs, and was told at first that it was 1%, and I thought that was low. But then when I went digging, it’s actually only .5% of the total capital project budget. The solution is fairly easy to me, elect people who show their support AND KNOWLEDGE of the arts community. In talking to the Arts Council Wood Buffalo as well as members of the Public Art committee I think there are some very simple solutions to help support our local artists: such as keep things like igNite all local, and hold workshops so that artists know how to fill out applications for funding(not just municipal funding opportunities). As a writer, I know that I bring a slight bias to this issue, and that’s okay. Others may be business people and they may be better advocates for the business community than I am, but I will always approach any decision making with knowledge and I will engage as many residents as possible to make informed decisions. I have written about my dream infrastructure for the downtown, and I really want to see a building supported there that could house a real gallery, with proper lighting and rooms for dance, and enough room for special events, and every day workshops. As a writer, I have felt that we have long been left out or overlooked in the arts community as well, and would love to see a Wordfest or some such event held here in our region. We need to think outside the box, but keep it local. Let’s bring people to our region while showcasing the artists here. Why not engage with tourism? We now have sports tourism, why not art tourism? Other regions have week long retreats for writer’s festivals, author events, gallery showings…the list goes on and on. I am always open to discussions on what we can do to improve our support for the arts community here because I think that it’s an area that is often undervalued, and even if we start with this report, to give people some knowledge of the value of supporting the arts, and then come up with a strong plan to incorporate what we can do in the next 4 years, I would totally support it. It’s long been a frustration of mine that the first things that get cut in budgets are children’s programs and the arts. I am attaching the report that I spoke of as well so that others can have a look. Feel free to call me or message me any time so we can continue this discussion.

Jeff Peddle (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1): I would like to see more focus on the arts in our municipal buildings. One suggestion is having public local work appear at MacDonald Island, City hall and other venues around our community. I would like the city and business community to come up with a space for local business people that sell an array of homemade goods, home decor, clothing etc. and have trade shows each week showcasing local artists, performers and musicians. I think that supporting small businesses and local artists is a great way to graduate people to store fronts or galleries.

Keith Mcgrath (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1):I have always supported the Arts and continue to do so. In our last term we voted to put a percatnge of our capital budget toward the arts for groups to apply. Our greatest days included the interplay festival. With all the bare walls in publis places I have sugeested that council chambers should display local art all those walls would be a great place along with so many other municipal buildings. It’s so nice to see our power boxes now beinmg rapped with art and history it just makes sense. Our kids Art is proudly displayed at the Suncor buisness center along highway 63, Keyano Art Gallery, The walking trail at Macdonald Island Park, we just need to grow these opputunitiues.

Don Scott (Mayoral Candidate):Thanks for the question Dave, and Russell for the thoughtful post.

It is a bit disheartening to see the arts given less of a spotlight in this document; particularly as the father of two young women deeply involved in the arts through music, this troubles me. While I have spent most of my life enjoying athletic pursuits, I know the important role the arts play not only in my home, but also in our region.

I am incredibly grateful for all the organizations in our region that promote and represent the arts; and I think it’s vital for these organizations to continue to receive support and recognition for their work. I also think it’s vital to ensure arts are recognized as an important contributor to quality of life in our region and information shared on the many exciting initiatives from both the past, present and future.

I believe we will strengthen our arts community by working with organizations such as Arts Council Wood Buffalo, which does remarkable work in our region. I also think we need to seek collaborative opportunities and links between arts and sports where possible, which we saw during the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games. It does not need to be an either/or, and I believe we can ensure strength in both arts and sports by building capacity in both sectors.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond, Dave. Once again as a dad of two talented musicians and a long term community resident committed to improving quality of life in our region, I fully support the continued development and growth of arts in our communities!

Adem Campbell (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1): Thanks for the tag Dave and affording me an opportunity to respond. As a classroom teacher I use a cross-curricular method to teach social studies and English language arts, and combine the two core classes as one. My students follow a project based learning style and use projects and presentstions to demonstrate their understanding of both courses curricular outcomes. These presentations include, art displays, skits, videos, poetry, and music. When we learn through the arts we are fully engaged (mind, body, and spirit).

As a candidate with a strong sport and recreation background, it would be easy for constituents to assume that would be my focus as a candidate but I appreciate the opportunity to clarify my position on the arts in our community.

First and foremost I am about building community, whether as a coach or a teacher, building community, creates emphathy, compassion, and mutual respect amongst a common group of people. As a councillor endorsing the arts and helping the arts grow and flourish is one other impactful method to create community within the muncipality.

I for one would love to see a center dedicated to the arts, similar to the Banff Center and we certainly have facilities capable of providing a similar service. We currently have Keyano Theatre but we as a community need a more art focused facility that can showcase properly our local artistic talent.

I personally believe we have enough sporting facilities already, that these facilities simply need restructuring to ensure that their potential is maximized. With that restructuring, we as a municipality can dedicate more than a hallway to the arts, currently at a facility like MacDonald Island.


October 3, 2017

Post (Ariana Johnson, Councillor Candidate – Ward 1):

Wood Buffalo has one of the most vibrant arts and culture communities i have experienced in my life. I come from a city where access to arts and culture is bountiful but also overwhelming and often impersonal. This is not my experience here in our region. I am always super excited when i find a project that we can partner with Arts Council Wood Buffalo for, such as Empty Bowls, or where I can partner with local artists for such as the recent mural project we did on our storage C-cans. The community in wood buffalo is so accessible that I was able to check an item off my bucket list hen i was given a role in the 2014 production of the Vagina Monologues at Keyano Theater – I was honored to have the opportunity to grace the stage and to do it with so many amazing and talented women. As vibrant as this community of people and activities is they are often left out of the discussion and discounted or over shadowed by government departments. it is time for us to put these activities and resources into the hands of the subject matter experts and let them do what they are best at… bringing the arts to life for our entire region.


September 20, 2017

Post: ACWB’s Executive Director Liana Wheeldon wrote an insightful article on Public Art in Fort McMurray for the Fort McMurray Today. Check out the full article online and tell us your thoughts!


Question Raised (By Dave Boutillier, ACWB Chair): What are your thoughts on Public Art, and it’s role in the RMWB?


Krista Balsom (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1): I’m a huge proponent of a strong and robust municipal public art policy that reaches all corners of our region. I think it’s important to work with local artists and the Wood Buffalo Arts Council to engage our citizens on public art as well as ensure it is reflective of our nature, heritage, culture and citizens – both current and in the past. A new council will need to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that public art has a role in our future development plans as well for the downtown core and the rest of the region. As I stated in my campaign platform, we need a meaningful public art program that showcases the spirit and history of our region that will help to ensure a vibrant community for all. Thanks for asking us to comment on this important topic!

Dogar M Shafiq (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1): Art , is skill of any indl or team which amuses others in a pleasant way-with ones voice, any part of body depicting our culture/ history/ fun. It could be singing, painting , gymnastic, comedy etc. Recreation is great part of ones life. As such art of any kind must be encouraged, developed & artists patronized . The consultation process between stake holders must continue to keep them engaged. Thx

Verna Murphy (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1): I think there is a great need to actually engage with local artists, and we could be doing a better job on supporting them as well. I love the work that the Arts Council of Wood Buffalo has been doing, and I think many residents are confused about what they do, as opposed to say groups like the Public Art Selection Committee. Why not look at giving the artists the funding so that local artists are supported, and engaged. I have had concerns about some projects that have been done locally, but they have all been contracted out to artists that don’t live in the area. I have written about, and stated in the past that a building that could house artists, in all their forms, whether it be dancers, painters, or writers is needed in the community. We are really good at supporting our youth who engage in athletics, but we can do better for our youth who are interested in the arts.

Phil Meagher (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1): Public art gives visitors something to remember our community by and gives a small glimpse of the area culture and livelihood, like the giant axe at Nackawic, New Brunswick. The axe tells visitors that the town was built on the forest industry. Art can take many forms, but I prefer the practical/interruptive forms that tell stories. All communities can benefit from public art.

Allan Grandison Remax (Mayoral Candidate): First and foremost, I absolutely support Arts and Culture within our Community and the Region as a whole. To create a sense of community and belonging we must celebrate our history and our culture and ensure we have artistic expression in many forms that enhance our sense of wellbeing and belonging.

In my view, for Council to support Arts and Culture, in a logical and effective manner, we need to be guided by the overall Arts and Culture Master plan. The master plan provides the guiding principles and the bigger picture to which all requests/proposals from Administration needs to be measured against. It is the new Councils responsibility to ensure that all Master Plans are up to date and reflective of the current needs of the Region.

Jeff Peddle (Councillor Candidate – Ward 1): I am in favour of public art that support our local artists. I do not however, support a weather vane or a public art stage that is unusable and that cost taxpayer’s money for 3 months and had 24 hour surveillance just to be tossed aside. Local artist, Renee Manners, designed beautiful murals in Chez Max that capture our passion and culture of our restaurant. Residents are in awe each time they walk through our doors and we are proud to say that a local artist designed such beautiful pieces. Every time I ride my bike past Heritage Park and Waterways, I stop to appreciate the beautiful mural created by our community members that have the talent to produce such incredible works of art. The foxes by the river and by the road on the way out of MacDonald Island Park add a piece of wilderness and capture the natural essence of Fort McMurray. Supporting local artists has my vote each and every time.

Don Scott (Mayoral Candidate): Thanks for asking this question, Dave! I beleve arts and culture are a critical component of vibrant communities and regions; and we are indeed fortunate in our region to have many talented artists working in all genres. We are also incredibly fortunate to have organizations such as Arts Council Wood Buffalo to promote local arts and artists, and educate the public on art.

Public art is obviously an area which enhances our natural beauty and contributes to overall quality of life. Other communities enjoy robust public art programs and we are seeing this happening in our region at locations such as the Total Aboriginal Interpretive Trail at MacDonald Island Park. I look forward to future public art installations, with the understanding that they must be guided by the arts leaders in our community such as ACWB working in collaboration with the Public Art Committee, local artists and others engaged in creating and sharing art.

I very much appreciate Liana’s comments as I believe there has been much confusion on what constitutes public art and how public art is developed; I believe this is an area in which the collaborative efforts of local arts organizations and artists can contribute to the dialogue to ensure the public understands there is a process and policies behind true public art.

If I should be fortunate to be elected, I look forward to working with our arts community to showcase the incredible diversity of this region, and our strengths that range from industry to arts and culture.



Keyano Theatre Company (KTC) 2017 Theatre Auditions

From September 8th – 11th, Keyano Theatre Company will be hosting auditions for two productions, part of their 4-Play Drama Series 2017/2018!



Auditions: September 10 and 11
Callbacks: September 12

Rehearsals start Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 with performances from November 23rd – December 2nd, 2017
Auditioners should prepare a 2 minute monologue and be prepared to present a reading from the script.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old man who transforms his miserly ways after four ghostly visits one Christmas Eve.

Visit Keyano Theatre Company’s website for audition sign up information HERE.


Musical Director: Hilary Hornberger

Auditions: September 8th & 9th
Callbacks: September 10th

Performances from February 15th – 24th, 2018

Auditioners should prepare the following for their audition:

  • 32 bars of a song in the style of the show (Rogers & Hart, Jule Styne, Cole Porter, Gershwin, Sondheim, Frank Loesser). You may bring music with you on a USB, CD, Tablet, Computer, iPod etc. There will NOT be an accompanist, but you can bring your own.
  • Auditioners are required to prepare one of the sides or scenes from the show which will be available closer to audition date. If they don’t have a scene partner, lines will be read from table.
  • A general movement/dance call on Saturday morning AT 9 AM. Everyone is require to attend. This will be about 2 hours.
  • The director suggests you read the script before coming to audition, scripts are available at the Keyano Box Office during regular business hours to read. The scripts may not leave the building so please make sure you have time to read them.

We will be casting actors 16 years or older.

The Drowsy Chaperone is a parody of an American musical comedy of the 1920s. The story concerns a middle-aged, asocial musical theatre fan as he plays the record of his favorite musical, the (fictional) 1928 hit The Drowsy Chaperone, the show comes to life onstage as he wryly comments on the music, story, and actors.

Visit Keyano Theatre Company’s website for audition sign up information HERE.

Thaetre Just Becase - Auditions

OPEN AUDITIONS: Exhale – Play in Development

Sign up by: August 21st, 2017

This is your opportunity to be a part of a different and creative theatre experience! For the upcoming One Act Wonders on September 30, Theatre; Just Because will be presenting “Exhale”, a ‘play-in-development’ about the different stages of grief. The play will consist of a collection of monologues and duologes written and developed by the performers, and dramaturged by director Justin Shaw.

Auditions will take place on August 23, 217. Actors of all ages and experience levels are welcome to audition! To book an audition, email

ADFA One Act

Call for Submissions – One Act Wonders

Deadline August 1st, 2017

ADFA (Alberta Drama Festival Association) – North Zone presents one Act Wonders – Call for Submissions!

As a part of Alberta Culture Days in Wood Buffalo, the inaugural one act festival “One Act Wonders” will take place at the Keyano Recital Theatre on Saturday September 30, 2017.

Submit your one act today to!
New and original work welcome, performances to be between 20-60 minutes. Limited spots available – first come!

Last day to submit: August 1, 2017.

me on the Metis float with Elder Almer Waniandy- Canada Day

ACWB is Centre Stage with Carmen Wells

The Wood Buffalo region is rich in history & tradition, at times masked by a booming oil industry. One community leader and Métis visual artist, Carmen Wells, is advocating for the Métis community, using her artistic ability to maintain the passing of traditions, and traditional land use.

Carmen grew up in the small Okanagan community of Lavington, BC, studied Graphic Design in Abbotsford, and moved from Vancouver Island to Fort McMurray with her husband in 2012. Carmen’s position as Heritage and Traditional Knowledge Administer for Métis local 1935 (McMurray Métis) fuels her current artistic practice of acrylic painting and the print making techniques of linocut and intaglio.

At a young age Carmen was enthralled by stories and putting her imagination to work.  She wrote and drew spy novels on coloured paper, created a radio show, and acted out her own skits for her family to watch. Now, as she has been welcomed into the Métis community in the region, engaging in Métis rights, and spending time with local Elders and trappers, Carmen is inspired by wonderful stories she hears. Carmen hopes to share those stories in an artistic way so people may start to learn about the Métis culture and the Indigenous culture around them. “I think it is a great time for Métis artists, a good time for their stories to be heard, with Canada fully supporting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2016, the Daniels decision, amongst other things.”

Although the community has land users and trappers who are very much still on the land, Carmen also acknowledges the struggles for the Métis in the region. “It is difficult in these times to keep traditions alive, with the limited amount of accessible wildlands and the change from working and living on the land, to working on site or in an office. Traditions get passed on through the land, and on the land. We try our best to maintain the passing on of traditions in our community, and it is a constant struggle.” In saying this, Carmen also believes she is part of an active, strong community who will persevere. “We are Otipemisiwak, The people Who Own Themselves.”

When it comes to the arts in the region Carmen feels she is part of a very open, positive, and supportive community. She holds positions on several boards, including Director – Métis and Treasurer for the Arts Council Wood Buffalo. She believe it’s important to be part of the committees, to contribute, be part of the solution, and to make a difference.  Although at times it may be challenging, it has also been exciting and a great learning opportunity.

If you’d like to be connected with the arts community, become a member of the ACWB! If you are interested in making a real impact, join the ACWB Board of Directors. ACWB is looking to fill positions on its voluntary Board of Directors, meeting once per month to set policies and directions for the organization.  For a membership, or to apply for a board position, visit the ACWB website at

(Image above: Carmen Wells and Elder Almer Waniandy)

FMUM_Horizontal Logo

Call For Performing Artists – Fort McMurray Urban Market Entertainment Tent

Deadline June 23, 2017

The Fort McMurray Urban Market is seeking entertainers for their summer market season. Arts Council Wood Buffalo (ACWB) will be hosting the entertainment tent and is currently looking for a variety of artists, including but not limited to musicians, DJs and bands of all genres, storytellers, dancers, children’s performers, theatre and circus artists. Entertainers can also comprise of visual artists facilitating art activities and demonstrations.

The Urban Market is an annual event running from June until September, located at Jubilee Plaza in Fort McMurray. Visitors can find a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade crafts, free-range meats, prepared lunch items, ethnic food and much more. For more information on the Urban Market visit

To submit an application, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Please review the below guidelines or download a copy  of the Call for Entertainment_Urban Market prior to applying. For further information contact Christina Beckman, Communications & Engagement Manager at


Entertainment Guidelines

  • ACWB welcomes submissions from both established and emerging artists, individuals and groups.
  • Entertainment for the event is selected based on the quality, engagement/audience appropriateness, price range, genre of their proposed service.
  • Preference is given to permanent residents of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.
  • Artists or groups should take into consideration unforeseeable events such as inclement weather.
  • All artists or groups must be fully set-up by the start of their scheduled time slot.
  • Artists or groups must understand that the show is family focused and any act deemed inappropriate will immediately be removed from the event.
  • Event organizers will provide a 10’ x 10’ entertainment tent to be shared between ACWB and entertainment. Artist or groups must request additional equipment in their application. This can include six-foot tables and chairs, PA System, power, etc. Artists are responsible for supplying any additional art supplies.
  • Artists are responsible for the set-up and take-down of their arts activity in its entirety.
  • Artists are responsible for their own meals.
  • Event security is limited, please ensure that all valuables are not left unattended.
  • 15 minute breaks will be provided for every 2 hours of performance.
  • All participating artists are encouraged to promote this event amongst their networks, promotional materials / graphics can be supplied by the Fort McMurray Urban Market.
  • Artists must carry their own general liability insurance. The Fort McMurray Urban Market and Arts Council Wood Buffalo, its partners and sponsors, are not responsible for damages, theft, accidents related to the entertainment during this event.


Urban Market Schedule

There are 11 available market days with scheduled time slots. Artists or groups will be chosen to participate on one of the 11 days and will be required for 3 – 5 hour time slots. Artists or groups may be chosen to occupy more than one time slot per market.

1 Wednesday, June 21

2pm – 8pm

2pm – 5pm 5pm – 8pm Summer Solstice
2 Saturday, July 1

10am – 3pm

10:00am – 3pm Canada 150
3 Wednesday, July 5

11am – 6pm

11am – 2pm 3pm – 6pm NA
4 Wednesday, July 19

11am – 6pm

11am – 2pm 3pm – 6pm NA
5 Wednesday August 2

11am – 6pm

11am – 2pm 3pm – 6pm NA
6 Saturday, August 12

10am – 3pm

10:00am – 3pm Children’s Market
7 Wednesday, August 16

2pm – 8pm

2pm – 5pm 5pm – 8pm Alberta Winter Games
8 Wednesday, August 30

11am – 6pm

11am – 2pm 3pm – 6pm NA
9 Wednesday, September 6

11am – 6pm

11am – 2pm 3pm – 6pm NA
10 Saturday, September 9

10am – 3pm

10:00am – 3pm TBD
11 Wednesday, September 20

11am – 6pm

11am – 2pm 3pm – 6pm Alberta Culture Days


Entry Requirements

Entertainers are required to fill out the online application form below.

Before starting the applications process please refer to the application checklist below:

  • Artist and/or Group Bio (100 words maximum)
  • Description of entertainment or activity.
  • Additional equipment and supplies needed. I.e. tables, chairs, PA system, power.
  • Listing of preferred market dates.
  • Photos or website link of related performances, activities, experience etc.


Application Deadline

Applications must be received by end of the business day, Friday June 23, 2017.


Selection Process

ACWB is currently filling time slots. Entertainers will be selected by Arts Council Wood Buffalo staff on first come first serve basis and based on available dates, proposed entertainment/activity and pre-established market themes.

Please note ACWB will review all applications and will try to accommodate all performers, however bookings will be based on the limited time slots available.


Artist Fees

There is a set budget allocated for each market. Please include in your application your artist fee indicating a minimum of 3 hours and up to a maximum of 5 hours. Review the Entertainment Guidelines as a reference.

Application Form

  • Brief description and background of artist / group.
  • Inclusive of GST, insurance, and performance/activity specific supplies.
  • Inclusive of GST, insurance, and performance/activity specific supplies.
  • I.e. tables, chairs, PA system, power
  • Photos or website link of related performances, activities, experience, etc.
    Drop files here or