Arts Council Wood Buffalo is excited to offer our 2017 Business of the Arts workshop series, focusing on helping artists and arts organizations in various stages of their development reach their next step! Artists are unique and ACWB is working with specialists in the creative industry to share relevant and impactful information in these workshops.

Investment & Support for Artists is a workshop with an in depth look into the Alberta Foundation for the Arts funding opportunities, insightful information on how to gain sponsorship for arts initiatives, and a bonus presentation on the Canada Council for the Arts funding model.

ACWB invites artists, arts organizations, and community arts groups on
August 12th, from 10am – 3:30pm, at the Redpoll Centre Boardroom in Shell Place,
as we dive into the world of investment and support!

Registration is $15 for ACWB members and $20 for non-members, and is available through Eventbrite at: Registration fee includes all 3 speakers. You do not need to register if you will only attend the Canada Council for the Arts portion (beginning at 2:30 pm).

Light refreshments and drinks will be provided throughout the day. Please bring your own lunch.

Speaker & Topics Include:

Charmaine Hammond

The Secret of Sponsorship

Charmaine Hammond, CSP,  has been in the business of changing lives for more than 25 years. Fort McMurray was her home for 16 years, and although she no longer lives here, she is frequently here for work as a speaker and consultant. As a bestselling author (of five books & featured in six others) and professional speaker she has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, even her pet food and dog poop bags! She has developed sponsorship relationships with more than 40 sponsors and 60 business partners.

Charmaine will discuss the fundamentals of sponsorship: where to find the right sponsor, what you need to get them interested in your project, and how you should present your project in way that will get them on board.

David Folk

Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)

Funding Opportunities

David Folk is the Arts Development Consultant for Visual Arts and New Media with the Arts Branch.  David is part of a group of discipline-specific consultants that works directly with the public and with arts organizations on the granting services provided by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA). David oversee several granting programs and is primarily responsible for facilitating submissions received through the Visual Arts Individual Artists Projects funding opportunity, and oversees the Public Art Gallery operating grant. David works with artists and arts organizations throughout the province and provides consultative services to individuals and arts groups on arts funding. In addition, he delivers public presentations on grant writing and coordinates the Expert Panel assessment process for visual arts applications.

Heather McAfee

Canada Council for the Arts (CCA)

New Funding Model

Heather McAfee is a communications specialist who has been passionately promoting Canada’s leading contemporary artists – and their impact on our lives – for over 15 years. She enjoys sharing stories and resources to connect artists with each other and their publics. In her current role as Information Officer at the Canada Council for the Arts, she helps artists navigate the New Funding Model (and portal) to apply for grants.

In her FREE information session, Heather will discuss the Council’s new suite of grants (and eligibility criteria), share key resources, and demonstrate how to apply for a grant online.

Registration is not required for this portion of the day, this speaker begins at 2:30 pm.