Telus Sky – Request for Proposals

Expression of Interest Submission Due Jan. 23, 2018


Telus Art Program | Competition Art

The TELUS Sky development is a showcase project for TELUS. Developing a comprehensive art program is consistent with their mandate of supporting arts and culture within their community and is also a unique opportunity to involve the community in the development of their new Calgary home.

There is a desire to showcase Canadian and regional artistic talent within the project as an integrated effort with the design of the TELUS interior space. Each piece within the art program is an opportunity to convey a unique Canadian story of people, place and landscape.

The art program developed aims to achieve consistency with the proposed interior design themes and natural material palette. Candidates are encouraged to draw inspiration from the regional landscape and to speak to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of our prairie skies.

This request for proposal (RFP) is part of a larger art program that aims to source a number of types of art from a variety of artists to bring vitality and diversity to the stories that are represented. There is a desire to include art from a diverse cross-section of Canadian culture and talent.

Within the TELUS art program, the Atrium Series has been selected as competition art. The requirements for this competition will be outlined in the following section.

This public RFP process aims to seek candidates that show exceptional talent and whose early professional career would benefit from a commission of this scale and exposure — emphasizing the importance of art and culture to the TELUS organization.

Competition adjudication will be by a jury appointed by TELUS, with a mandate to ensure that the selection process is consistent with the TELUS values and brand, while bringing the best Canadian talent to the forefront.\


RFP Submission Requirements



PROPOSED LOCATIONS: Atrium Lounges, Levels 4-9

DESCRIPTION: The TELUS Sky tower boasts a dramatic 11 storey atrium featuring overhanging sculptural stairs that serve to connect each of TELUS’ office floors.

Atrium Lounges for TELUS team members are located at each of the feature stair landings. The proposed art series will be showcased within these lounges and will serve to draw team members and visitors up through the tower in discovery of the series’ narrative.



• The medium of this art series is open. Candidates may submit traditional canvas pieces, low relief wall mounted sculptures, photography, metal work and digital installations, for example.

• The complete series must feature 6 individual art pieces that vary slightly between each floor. Variation between each piece may occur through adjustments in colour, texture, saturation and/or pattern tessellation, for example.

• The series as a whole must incorporate a unifying conceptual narrative that is legible to team members and visitors as they traverse vertically through the atrium.

• The proposed location for the series is a high traffic area. Consideration must be given to durability.



A central concept must unite the art series and introduce a narrative that is inspired by the sky, atmosphere and/or regional landscapes. Additional interpretations and design precedents are encouraged and should be communicated within proposal responses.

This piece is meant to achieve out of the box thinking which will challenge the production capability of the candidate(s), while inspiring innovative ideas about TELUS and its values.



• On levels 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, the physical space dedicated to each art feature = 26 linear feet x 9’ high. • On level 6, individual art pieces must be no longer than 20’ due to unique conditions on this floor.

• Individual pieces must be no less than ~13’ in length.

• Maximum depth of each piece = ~8”

• One art piece must be provided for each of TELUS’ six typical office floors (Levels 4-9).

• Structural and electrical/lighting requirements will be coordinated with the successful candidate.


This is the Partial RFP.

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