Wood Buffalo young artists at the Arctic Winter Games Day 3

March 8

Mat, Akshaya, and Camryn had the first of their performances at the Games today. This public show took place at the Nuuk Centre and included the cultural contingents from Nunavut and the Sapmi People, in addition to Alberta North. Check out the video from CBC North! The young artists also shared their experiences through an interview with CBC North.

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Mat, Akshaya, and Camryn also participated in a workshop about traditional Inuit dancing. The session was led by a woman named Tiffany who grew up in Nuuk but now lives in the Northwest Territories. All the cultural groups learned a specific dance and will join together to perform it collaboratively at the VIP galas on March 9 and 10.

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The artists had another technical rehearsal at the National Theatre of Greenland. The design for the backdrop on the stage was inspired by the inside of an igloo.

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Mat, Akshaya, and Camryn spent the rest of the day exploring Nuuk and checking out some of the sporting events.

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